Dressing Props (Medical/Industrial/Medieval/General)

Medical Tools, Various

Medical Tools

Stethoscopes, forceps, dental moulds, specimen jars and other small instruments

Microscope, Cased


A microscope in a wooden case.

With eyepiece and mirrors

Dials, Various


Military oil pressure gauge, an air pressure gauge and desktop thermometer.

Can be rigged to fluctuate

DH Morton Relief

Carved Relief

A beautiful, colourful casting of a DH Morton chalk carved relief (circa. 1970's)

Metal Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

American style metal decorations.

A candy basket and tealight holder

Old Military Medicine Ball

Suede Medicine Ball

A suede vintage medicine ball (circa. 1980's)

Ideal for Military or other training scenes

Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine

A weathered counter top gumball machine.

Fully functional, and accepts most size coins

Vintage Tattoo Flash Sheets

Tattoo Flash

Older Sailor Jerry-type designs.

Great colour and laminated

Analogue Cameras


Yes... Analogue is the correct term!

(Scary if you're my age, I know!)

Medieval Wine Barrel

Medieval Wine Barrel

A small table top wine barrel prop.


Clamshell Wall Lights

Deco Light

Beautiful plaster wall lights

(probably theatre lights from 1910-1920's)

We hold moulds and can create multiples

Silver Goblet/Chalices

Silver Goblets

A pair of silver goblets/chalices.

Heavy pieces with twist stems

Large Chrome Skull

Chrome Skull

A large chrome skull...

Does what it says on the tin!

Skull Shaped Telephone

Skull Telephone

A functional telephone shaped like a skull.

The "face" part detaches to act as a handset

Vintage Tins

Vintage Tins

We have a range of vintage tins.

Email us for current stock

Great for shop dressing

Heavy Metal Guitar

BC Rich Warlock Guitar

A customised BC Rich Warlock.

Also available; coffin case, and bullet strap

Electric Guitar


An ESP Ltd series electric guitar.

Also available; straps, accessories etc



A ukelele...

Because Hawaii!

A Collection Of Primitives

Primitive Utensils

Cup bowl with stag horn bead, carved spoon, fake jawbone, wishbone e

Sword Hilt Fire Poker

Fire Poker

Fire poker in the shape of a sword.

Made of brass, iron and wood

Old Crowbar


An old crate crowbar.

(can be supplied in stunt safe foam if desired)