Process For Sales:

All orders placed on this site will be processed and invoiced by Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint.

Orders placed through our Etsy shop will be processed using Etsy's payment system and fulfilled by Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint.

All prices include all relevant taxes and postage except where otherwise specifically stated.

Rentals Of Props And Imitation Firearms:

When  renting an item from this site, it is to be understood that any  unreasonable damages to the item will result in loss of any deposit  paid. As we aim to keep our deposit prices low we would appreciate on  the renter's part the respect to take care of our props or we will have  to unavoidably raise deposit costs to cover this which we do not wish to  do.

If renting a prosthesis, we would prefer that they are kept  as clean as possible, however, it is quite understandable that you may  need to apply effects and in that regard we kindly ask that you test the  effect you plan to use on an inconspicuous part (such as the underside  of a hand, foot etc). In this way, we can avoid losing stock due to a  ruined finish.

When renting an imitation firearm from this  website, a responsible member of the production or company is to be  present for it's collection and return and remain culpable for it's  legal use and storage throughout the rental period. This means that they  are to ensure safe transport of the prop as though it were a real  firearm, and that it is used and stored in a safe and legal manner by  the cast/crew working with it.

Delivery can be made personally,  specifically for firearms, provided transporting fuel costs are covered  (minimal). This can ensure that the right person takes receipt of the  item quickly and correctly.

Firearms and weapons systems can only  be rented to genuine production companies, theatres or re-enactment  societies (in accordance with the Firearms Act and the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 and also taking into consideration Section 37 for their construction and distribution). It is understood that by  agreeing to rent a firearm or weapons system that you are familiar with  the above mentioned legislation (links provided for ease of access to  information).

If any further information is required on rentals  of props or firearms please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will  do our utmost to aid you as much as we can.

Postage & Dispatch:

For  orders placed where delivery is required outside of Mainland U.K  (England, Scotland and Wales), please bear in mind extra postal costs  will be incurred. If there is likely to be an issue with postage, please  email first stating the location and date required so that we can do  our very best to find the cheapest and most convenient solution to get  your order to you. In this situation an additional surcharge will be  raised which must be paid before release of goods. Please  note that imitation firearms and weapons systems are not to leave the  United Kingdom, purchased props from the shop however are fine.

You  will receive an email if purchased on Etsy or a text/email from  ourselves if commissioned directly confirming you order. If commissioned  directly we will keep you informed about the project's status until it  is ready for dispatch to keep abreast of your expectations.

You  will receive an email with your dispatch confirmation and estimated  delivery date (usually delivered by Royal Mail 1st Class Post unless  otherwise stated) from Etsy unless ordered from ourselves in which case  the information will be provided by text or email.

If you do not receive your order by the estimated delivery date simply call or email us and we will investigate this for you.

Summary & Returns Policy:

If  an item is misdelivered or does not arrive, we will usually create and  send you a replacement free of charge if the timescale fits your needs,  otherwise we will offer a complete refund after an investigation with  our apologies for your inconvenience.

For Commissions from our  website you will usually receive a courtesy text/email after your  delivery estimate to confirm your item was received and if the item was  to your satisfaction. If any problems are discovered we will do our best  to accommodate you with a suitable solution or offer a full refund for  the unsatisfactory item and arrange for it's collection.

For purchases on our Etsy shop, a follow-up email and feedback system is in place to collect  information from the customer to ensure they are satisfied with their  order.

We wish to maintain a 100% satisfaction rate on everything we do, from daily work and project completions to our online Etsy store purchases. On behalf of the entire Pixel Anatomy Props brand and  my own name, I cannot emphasise how much I strive to achieve complete  confidence and happiness with everything I and my Company do to achieve  the aims of the most discerning Customers... You.

-Joe M T Garton (Owner of Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint)

Lastly  I would like to thank everyone who expresses an interest in any of my  works and has helped me achieve my vision, Thank You All.

The Legal Stuff

Legal Notice

All  notices from Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint to You may be posted on  our Web site and will be deemed delivered within thirty (30) days after  posting. Notices from You to Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint shall be  made by electronic mail to our address at:  contact@pixelanatomyprops.co.uk or by Royal Mail first class post to:  Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint, The Old Forge Yard, Swanley Village Road, Swanley, Kent BR8 7NF (UK).  Delivery shall be deemed to have been made by You to Pixel Anatomy Props  & Paint five (5) days after the date sent.

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Privacy Policy

This  site may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information,  the terms of which must be observed and followed. Information on this  site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.  Information, including product pricing and availability, may be changed  or updated without notice. Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint and its  subsidiaries reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts,  and/or cancel orders in its discretion, including, without limitation,  if Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint believes that customer conduct  violates applicable law or is harmful to the interests of Pixel Anatomy  Props & Paint and its subsidiaries.

Shipping and Delivery

At  this time, Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint ships merchandise to  locations within Mainland U.K (England, Scotland & Wales).  Additionally, Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint ships merchandise to  Northern Ireland at extra agreed cost, but not to other international  locations unless agreed upon by both the COMPANY (Pixel Anatomy Props  & Paint) and YOU (The Purchaser) . The risk of loss and title for  all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the  merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.


Customs  and import duties may be applied to International orders when the  shipment reaches its destination. Such charges are the responsibility of  the recipient of your order and vary from country to country. Contact  your local customs office for details.
Shipping laws are different in  each country. It is your responsibility to check with your Customs  office to verify whether the country to which you are shipping permits  the shipment of your products. Pixel Anatomy Props & Paint is not  responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages  that arise from improper international shipping practices.

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Return Policy

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