Military Items

MTP Body Armour & Helmet

Osprey Body Armour

A full set of Osprey body armour, plates, pouches and a Mk.7 kevlar helmet

Woodland DPM Helmet

Army Helmet

A Mk.6A ballistic helmet with visor mounts, Northern Ireland daysack & scrim net

Flying Helmet

Flying Helmet

A Mk.4A British flying helmet.

With both visors, cover and headset

Drop-Leg Pouch


Belt kit with drop-leg magazine pouches and a dump pouch fitted to a padded belt

British WW2 Medic Bag

WW2 Medic Bag

A British canvas WW2 medic bag.

Genuine issued kit (circa. 1942)

USGL Bandolier

Grenade Bandolier USGL

A bandolier for carrying 40mm underslung grenade launcher rounds

Assault Vests/Rigs

Green Assault Vest

Green Assault Vest

95 Woodland DPM assault vest.

Has plenty of pouches for storage...

Desert Assault Vest

Desert Assault Vest

95 Desert DPM assault vest.

Also has plenty of pouches for storage...

Green MOLLE Vest


95 Woodland DPM MOLLE vest.

Has loops for fitting many different items

Cop Vest (S.A)

Cop Vest

Cop vest with South Africa style velcro pouches

British Army Webbing

British Army Webbing


British 95 DPM webbing.
Pouches, bayonet frog, pacing beads etc

Cop Vest (DPM)

Military Cop Vest

Woodland 95 DPM cop vest.

Clip pouches, ideal for drivers

Misc. Military Items

Bayonet (SA80)

SA80 Bayonet

A bayonet (or sword for any Rifleman reading!) for an L85 (SA80 assault rifle)

Bayonet (SLR)

SLR Bayonet

A bayonet for the L1A1

(self loading rifle)



Silver plated and copper bugles with cords... Both playable

Regimental Plaque

Regimental Plaque

A carved wooden Regimental plaque.

(Royal Green Jackets capbadge)

1950's Bomb Distributor

1950s Bomber Controls, Airplane

A bomb distributor panel from a 1950's bomber aircraft (probably an RAF Canberra)

Mortar Case

Mortar Case

A flight case for a British Army 51mm mortar.

(Replaced by the 60mm commando mortar)